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How to play baccarat?|cn

How to play baccarat?
[ 11-11-2019 ]

How to play baccarat?

Ultimate Baccarat Guide


Baccarat, the goal of the game is clear - betting on leisure or Zhuang and hope that the party bet wins,
so it seems very simple and easy. However, it is a long-term and arduous task to find out the complex gambling techniques woven by every resourceful and superstitious gambler.
Some gamblers try to predict wins and losses based on the results that have already appeared, and some gamblers use a bet system—both of which have both logic and superstitions to influence the winning and losing strategy.
In this article, we will detail the basic principles of licensing and the rules for the use of scoreboards, but before we start,
let's take a look at two basic factors – the value of the cards and the cards in hand.

Baccarat card value

There is an interesting fact about baccarat:
the letter "t" at the end of Baccarat is not pronounced - hence the pronunciation [bakaʀa] - and the word means "zero" or "nothing".
To your surprise, the actual value of 10, J, Q, and k in the card is zero.
A card counts as 1, and all other cards are counted according to their face 2-9.
The total count of all hands cannot exceed 9, and if it is exceeded, it is subtracted by 10.
For example, if the number of cards in the hand is 4-9-5, the total number of points is 8 or 18-10.
If there are two 10s, the total number of points is 0. If the total number of points is 8 or 9, it is called Hu.

Player hand

First, I will give a free card. At the beginning, two cards will be dealt, and the dealer will flop.
If the total number of cards is between 0 and 5, a card will be issued.
If the total number of points is between 6-9, the free stop sign means no need to give a free card.
“From Hu” means that the total number of free hand cards is 8 or 9, which is obviously greater than any dealer who has 8 or 9 total points.
If the total number of points in the player's hand is 8, and the total number of points in the dealer is 9, then Zhuang wins, and vice versa.
The free casino odds are 1.24%, and the bonus ratio is 1:1.

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